In Stock 44 Mag Ammo. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guns & Ammo Deals. Precision One 44 Mag Ammunition PONE125 200 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 Rounds - Free Shipping with Buyer's Club! A-Zoom 16120 Revolver Snap Caps44 Rem Mag 6 Pkg.
Oct 04, 2018 · The T-Grip is intended to be used with single side panel grips that do not wrap around the front of the frame of the gun. The T-Grip is a great alternative to bulky plastic or rubber grips that push the palm of the hand out too much making it difficult to hold the weapon effectively.
It was my first 357 magnum, now I've also got a Taurus 65 four inch, a Ruger Flat Top Blackhawk 6.5", and my homestead working gun - a Uberti Cattleman 4.75" As noted above, the blast from a snub nosed 357 firing full house loads is excessive (although the sting to the hand always makes first timers smile), so my preference is Winchester brand ... 9mm Revolvers, .22 Revolvers And Other Calibers. Among our collection of handguns, you'll find .22 revolvers, .357 revolvers, .38 revolvers, 9mm revolvers and more. Some are left-handed, right-handed and even ambidextrous. There are single- and double-action models and some that can do both.
S&W M36 Chief Special. Kokusai S&W M36 Chiefs Special This model is a single/double action 5 shot .38 2 inch barrel, snub nosed revolver. ABS with metal parts, S&W logo grips, Very comfortable fit in the hand, It comes brand new boxed complete with 5 "real look" reusable cartridges (uses 7mm caps), that can be chambered and used for display, instructions and loading tool.
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