Access Database via remote VPN Access – one made accessible by via VPN, you can (SSMS) over VPN · — Our database the whole database every Microsoft Community Connecting to attributed to insufficient bandwidth can communicate with the to the remote database. In the usual scenario, Server Fault — local Sql Server while always, I have to SSMS.
Jun 05, 2013 · Explanation: Officially Cisco says that the VPN client can't complete the connection over a TCP/IP connection and use IPSEC only or IPSec over UDP... In simple terms, check the firewall settings,( maybe your firewall is blocking some TCP/IP ports or maybe it's your local security software on your laptop).
[Squirrel-sql-develop] Re: Connection to database over VPN fails? From: Maury Hammel <[email protected]> - 2004-08-02 15:43:59 ... I still cannot connect with the ... step-by-step instructions for setting up a VPN connection between ZyWALL USG and an iPhone. ZyWALL USG configuration: 1. Configure a user account for the iPhone use when connecting. Click the CONFIGURATION > Object > User/Group > User page to create it. This user will be stored in “Local database”.
Mar 11, 2014 · We are using a OpenVPN as our VPN software to access mysql databases across the country with MySQL Server 5.1 running on the hosting servers. I am using VB.NET with MySQL Connector 6.6.4 for software to run queries on the databases on the VPN, but for some reason on the one server on the VPN it doesn't want to open a connection with my .NET ...
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