Graphing Calculator Tables and plotting points Here is the equation for the profit of the company ‘t’ months after it started. Graph it and make the viewing window X = [­5,30] and Y=[­1500,300] Would you invest in the company for the long term?
The exams battle is a big one and many schools still think you cannot use any graphing calculator in a maths exam, so we will need to talk with exam boards and the JCQ to make sure the message is clear enough: you can use this machine in a maths exam and without disabling it as an amazing teaching tool.
For the cotangent graph in the example on the right, I used “ZOOM 7” (Ztrig) to graph; it graphs it nicely. There are also examples of using the calculator to solve trig equations here in the Solving Trigonometric Equations section. Graphing — Graphing keys access the interactive graphing features. Editing — Editing keys allow you to edit expressions and values. Advanced — Advanced function keys display menus that access the advanced functions. Scientific — Scientific calculator keys access the capabilities of a standard...
EL-9900 Graphing Calculator 4-1 2-2 View both graphs. Notice that the addition of 2 moves the basic y =x2 graph up two units and the addition of -2 moves the basic graph down two units on the y-axis. This demonstrates the fact that adding k (>0) within the standard form y = a (x - h)2 + k will move the basic graph up k units and placing k
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