Jun 07, 2017 · The Offline Files (CSC or Client Side Caching) cache and database has a built-in capability to restart if its contents are suspected of being corrupted. If corruption is suspected, the Synchronization Wizard may return the following error message: Unable to merge offline changes on \\ server_name \ share_name. The parameter is incorrect.
Caching for a Better Web Performance is a major concern in the Web Proxy caching is the most widely used method to improve Web performance • Duplicate requests to the same document served from cache • Hits reduce latency, bandwidth demand, server load • Misses increase latency (extra hops) Clients Proxy Cache Servers Hits Misses Misses ...
However, a cache MUST NOT store incomplete or partial-content responses if it does not support the Range and Content-Range header fields or if it does Each client in the request chain may have its own cache, so it is common for a cache at an intermediary to receive conditional requests from other...This also allows client groups to have scheduled scans defined on different days or during the off hours of other groups. The Virtual Client Tagging feature in SEP 12.1 can be used to search for virtual clients in existing groups. Use the Virtual Client Tagging feature to generate a list of virtual clients.
JMS client: message persistent and resending wonglh Aug 19, 2005 3:26 AM I wish to send data from application A to application B in asynchronous/ fire-and-forget model.
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