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Chapter 1 Using the Segment Addition Postulate When three points arc collinear, you say that one point is the Other two. Point B is between points A and C. Postulate Point E is not between points D and F. Postulate 1.2 Segment Addition Postulate If B is between A and C, then AB BC AC. If AB + BC = AC, then B is between A and C. EXAMPLE 3 a. Find DF. (SOL G.1 d) Unit 2: Foundations of Geometry GP1.RL.2.1 The student will identify a point, line, ray, angle, line segment and plane when given an appropriate diagram and use standard notation for each. GP1.RL.2.2 The student will use the definitions, theorems, postulates and pictorial representations to
Answers to Segment Addition (ID: 2) 1) 112) 93) 04) 3 5) 66) 77) 28) 8 9) 110) 12.211) 13.512) 8.2 13) {8 ... Infinite Geometry - Segment Addition Created Date:
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